Photo Credit: Mark DeHart

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September 28 -3 October, 2014.

Organizers: ORNL/UT-Battelle, UTK, TVA, EPRI and Y12/B&W

General Chairs: Shigeaki Okajima (Japan Atomic Energy Agency) and Ken Nakajima (Kyoto University),

TPC: Akio Yamamoto (Nagoya University)

April 15-20, 2012.

Organizers: ORNL/UT-Battelle, UTK, TVA, EPRI and Y12/B&W.

General Chairs: Jess Gehin (ORNL), Ivan Maldonado (UTK),

TPC: Ron Ellis (ORNL).

May 9-14, 2010.

Host: Pittsburgh Local Section

General Chairs: Robb Borland (First Energy), Jack Brenizer (PSU), Jim Colletti (Bettis), Baard Johansen (Westinghouse), Jim Malone (Exelon), Gene Piplica (Westinghouse) Johan Slabber (Pty Ltd),

TPC: Mohamed Ouisloumen (Westinghouse).

Attendees: 471
Papers: 292

September 14-19, 2008.

Host: Paul Scherrer Institute and Swiss Nuclear Society.

General Chair: Jean-Marc Cavedon (PSI) and Peter Hirt (Swissnuclear).

TPC: Rakesh Chawla (PSI/EPFL)

Co-TPCs: Phillip Finck (INL), Nam Zin Cho (KAIST),
Paul Coddington (PSI), Konstantin Mikityuk (PSI).

Attendees: ~550
Papers: ~400 (630+ submitted)

September 10-14, 2006.

Host: Canadian Nuclear Society

General Chair: Ben Rouben, AECL

TPCs: Ken Kozier (AECL), Chang Hyo Kim (Seoul National University), Russell Mosteller (LANL), Enrico Sartori (OECD/NEA).

Attendees: 392

April 25 – 29, 2004.

Host: Chicago Local Section

General Chairs: Yoon Chang (ANL), Massimo Salvatores (CEA),

TPC: Phillip Finck (ANL).

Attendees: 281,
Papers: 208

October 7-10, 2002.

Host: Korean Nuclear Society

General Chair: Chang Hyo Kim (Seoul National University),

TPC: Nam Zin Cho (KAIST)

Attendees: 346 
Papers: 312

May 7-12, 2000.

Host: ANS Pittsburg Local Section

General Chair: Alberto L. Casadei (Westinghouse)

TPC: I.K. Abu-Shumays (Bettis)

Attendees: >330 (approx 50% foreign participation) Papers: >250