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Reactor Power Distribution

Xenon Level

Watts Bar 2 is the most recent reactor to enter commercial operation in the United States. Commercial power production started in October 2016 and produces approximately 1150 MW of electricity or enough carbon free electricity for over 1,000,000 people! Simulation and modelling is a big part of the reactor design process and these images illustrate some characteristics of Watts Bar 2. The images are courtesy of Andrew Godfrey. These images were provided for use relating to the Consortium for Advanced Simulation of Light Water Reactors (CASL), which is managed by Oak Ridge National Laboratory, U.S. Dept. of Energy.

RPD Objectives
The division’s objectives are to promote the advancement of knowledge and understanding of the fundamental physical phenomena characterizing nuclear reactors and other nuclear systems. The division encourages research and disseminates information through meetings and publications. Areas of technical interest include:

  • nuclear data
  • particle interactions and transport
  • reactor and nuclear systems analysis
  • methods design
  • validation and operating experience and standards
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By getting involved, you can make a difference:
The Reactor Physics Division (RPD) is the organization for you and your colleagues to join! This division has members who understand what membership in the RPD division brings them. Activities focus on reactor physics. Our members include both domestic and international colleagues working in this nuclear field.

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